3NG4GE is a network of campaigners, political analysts, creatives, storytellers and digital experts.
We make things happen.
We do it for you. Or we do it with you. We do it for NGOs and sustainable, ethical organisations.  If you’re into oil, nuclear, weapons, pesticides and other activities that do not make our world a better place… we’re not the right agency for you.


You’ve got the power! We empower NGOs, ethical organisations and political movements to reach their goals. Our campaign plans are rock solid thanks to: granular stakeholders analysis, thorough power mapping, compelling theory of change, stunning creative content and state of the art digital engagement.
//Social media
Mind the Gap! There’s a reason why everyone’s trying so hard: this is where it all happens. Are you listening? Are you part of the conversation? Are you saying the right things to the right people? Do you know your opposition?
//Digital advertising
“Senator, we run ads.” Forget organic and stop relying on earned: paid media makes the difference. Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Google, Spotify, Just Eat: we design, manage and monitor your digital ads. Everywhere.
It’s not just about number crunching, profiling, analysing. Once you’ve done all that (but only after you’ve done all that) you’ll need artists. Creative, compelling, disruptive, images and words make the difference. Without art yours will be just another good idea/theory/mission. Yawn.
//Brand storytelling
What’s the story? Stories help us to imagine what is possible, taking us beyond the probable. Be ready to gain your own story.
What’s the hardest part about having a community of people? How to organize it! With our trainers you will learn how to develop and manage your community, online and offline, maintain relationships, identify future leaders and more over.

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2020: a large coalition of European NGOs fights for a greener post-Covid stimulus plan. The campaign (advocacy strategy, creative, Facebook and Snapchat Ads across Europe) generated media and leads for  an online appeal. The petition was signed by over 1,300,000 people. The Recovery Fund will be fully green for 37%, and all its projects will have to respect the Do No Harm principle. 


2018-19: a coalition of European NGOs fights to ban the use of palm oil for biofuels. The campaign (advocacy strategy, creative, Facebook and twitter Ads across Europe) generated leads for an online appeal and an online public consultation. The petition was signed by over 650,000 people. The EU has declared palm oil unsustainable. Palm oil will be phased out by 2030.


2019-20: a coalition of EU-US NGOs fights against Uber to stop them from adding fossil-fuelled cars to city roads and asks to electrify its existing fleet. The campaign reached more than 1 million people in 7 countries and languages. Uber has announced it will electrify at least 50% of its rides by 2025. 


2017: the Marine Conservation Society fights for a ban on single use plastic in the UK and contributes to the EU coalition of NGOs for a EU wide ban. The campaign generated leads to engage the UK Government public consultation. The UK has banned most damaging throwaway plastic items. The EU has approved the Single Use Plastic Directive in order to do the same.  


2015-16: a coalition of European NGOs fights to stop EU’s President Juncker’s attempt to weaken environmental protection laws, the Birds and Habitats Directives. The campaign (advocacy strategy, creative, Facebook and Twitter Ads across Europe) generated media and leads for the participation in the public consultation. More than 500,000 people participated to endorse the NGOs position. President Juncker and vice President Timmermans have announced that the laws will not be touched.


JustMary: anti-Anti-Prohibitionist campaign for the legalisation of light cannabis, “Come la vendi” by JustMary, in collaboration with Meglio Legale. We created a landing page, an online game and involved 10 influencers to raise awareness about the taboo of light cannabis in Italy. 

We reached over 4,000,000 people.

We also realized graphic content for their IPO.

Amnesty International Italia

Amnesty International Italia: our collaboration with Amnesty International Italia started in March 2020. 

We manage their Instagram profile at 360°: we plan the editorial program in coordination with the internal team, we create graphics and copies, conduct live-directs and manage their online community of people. 

The IG followers increased from 96,540 to 179,379 (+85% since March 2020)

But first of all, we are Human Rights activists.

Visionary Days

Visionary Days: it’s a group of young people that want to shift from being just “an event” for young startuppers and digital entrepreneurs with about 2500 participatnts to become a “movement” capable of having an impact on the Italian politics. 

We accompanied them during this journey, giving training to 200 activists and counseling with our experts in communication and community organizing. 

Transport & Environment

For the international organization Transport & Environment we’re running FB advertising all over Europe, creating videos and graphic contents.

We also run FB ads and a chat marketing automation to do an opposition research about electric vehicles. We collected 28.000 leads in 5 different countries, and we created over 500 data analysis charts.


Luca Bonaccorsi


Political strategist, capital markets economist and journalist. From 2006 to 2013 he has managed media specialised in investigative journalism and produced Tv/radio programmes to advocate for environmental and human rights. Since 2013 he manages strategic communications, campaigns and stakeholder engagement for NGOs and ESG projects for sustainable corporations.



Giulia Pirozzi


Project Coordinator Consultant 28 years old, life enthusiastic and social butterfly. Graduated in Cultural Mediation, she took two Master’s degrees in International Cooperation and International Relations, then gained experience in Project Management by working with international Organizations in Israel, Tunisia, Switzerland and Italy.



Pietro Mensi


50% digital marketer, 50% activist, in two words: digital campaigner Graduated in law , he considers the experience in Libera, an anti-mafia association, as his real training. He has been managing campaigns for NGO and social movements from seven years, all over the World



Joanna Kopacka


Joanna is a community engagement specialist. After she graduated in Warsaw, she got two masters degrees, one in Genecoides Studies in Israel, and the second in EU External Policy in Italy. Since 2015 she has been working in international human rights and environmental organizations in different cities: Jerusalem, Brussels and Berlin.



Sabika Shah


Sabika is a italo-pakistani journalist. She lived in Pakistan, Brazil and now she’s based in Rome. She mostly writes about social causes, inclusion and migration for headlines and tv programmes such as CNN International, Reuters, The News International, La Repubblica and Propaganda Live.



Noë Hautbois


During his studies of Political science Noë Hautbois led a student union and volunteered for different CSOs. He worked for WeMove Europe and for LUCI Association as communication specialist. He is a paladin of ecological transition and a champion of international cooperation.



Thomas Filippa


Thomas is an Advertiser & Funnel Expert based in Madrid. He has been working in digital advertising since 2017, coordinating and managing high budget campaigns on Facebook and YouTube. He is also specialized in creating efficient funnels. He graduated in Business and Management in London and then he got a master in Project Management in Madrid.



Giovanni Bonometto


Giovanni, or Jhooon, since 2012 he has been working in digital marketing all around the world, from India to Scotland. He worked for Amnesty International Italia as Social media manager and now he's a social media strategist at Futurevox Agency



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